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whitch was produced by Robert Platt. These are the same recording.

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F.J.Haydn: Trumpet Concerto in E-flat  major Ⅰ. Allegro(begin from the bar 32)
Ⅱ. Andante
Ⅲ. Allegro(begin from the bar 39)

J.N.Hummel: Trumpet Concert in E-flat  major Ⅰ. Allegro con spirito(begin from the bar 54)
Ⅱ. Andante
Ⅲ. Allegro con spirito

P.Hindemith: Sonata for Trumpet and Piano Ⅰ.  Mit Kraft
Ⅱ.  Maessig bewegt
Ⅲ.  Trauermusik. Sehr langsam

A.Arutunian:  Concerto for Trumpet in A-flat major

A.Goedicke: Concert Etude op. 49