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W.A.Mozart: Horn Concerto no.2 in E-flat major KV 417 Ⅰ. Allegro maestoso
(coming early in april) Ⅱ. Andante
Ⅲ. Rondo Allegro

W.A.Mozart: Horn Concerto no.3 in E-flat major KV 447 Ⅰ. Allegro
(coming early in april) Ⅱ. Romanze Larghetto
Ⅲ. Allegro

W.A.Mozart:  Horn Concerto no.4  in E-flat major  KV 495 Ⅰ. Allegro moderato
(coming early in april) Ⅱ. Romanza Andante
Ⅲ. Rondo Allegro vivace

R.Strauss: Horn Concerto no.1 in E-flat major   op.11 Ⅰ. Allegro
(coming early in april) Ⅱ. Andante
Ⅲ. Allegro

H.Neuling:  Bagatelle  in F major Allegro non troppo
(coming early in april)

P.Hindemith: Horn Sonata in F major Ⅰ. Maessig bewegt
Ⅱ. Ruhig bewegt
Ⅲ. Lebhaft

P.Hindemith: Althorn Sonata in E-flat major Ⅰ. Ruhig bewegt
Ⅱ. Lebhaft
Ⅲ. Sehr langsam
Ⅵ. Lebhaft


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